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Ron Peterson, Jr. is a Virginia-based author whose best-selling true crime books explore
compelling mysteries and consistently receive five-star reviews.  Under The Trestle (2018) was selected as one of the Top 100 true crime books of all time and is currently in development with Mactavish Pictures as a documentary film or series.   Chasing The Squirrel (2020) was a Top 10 true crime best-seller recently optioned to Los Angeles-based Urban Legends Film Company for development as a television series. 
Peterson's latest book, Eyes Of a Monster (release date: October 14, 2021), explores the previously unsolved 1981 cold case murder of Hampton, Virginia schoolteacher Olivia Dare Christian.  In 2011, the case was re-opened by detective Randy Mayer, who with FBI assistance uncovered a suspect believed to be a serial killer. 
Peterson is also a guest lecturer at colleges and universities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.   

Trestle cover.jpg

"One of the Top 100 true crime books of all time." -- Popsugar

"Five Stars!"-- Amazon

Squirrel cover one.jpg

"A great read! -- Barnes & Noble

"... befitting a James Bond Thriller"

-- Washington Post

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