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Author Ron Peterson, Jr. is also a dynamic public speaker.  He has entertained audiences in the thousands with captivating presentations about a popular genre in today's entertainment culture, True Crime.          

In addition to speaking at his book tour events, Peterson is a sought-after guest lecturer at colleges and universities throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  For college audiences in academia, Peterson has customized lectures for criminal justice students covering topics like homicide investigation and cold case strategy; as well as talks for English/Journalism students on subjects ranging from interview skills to objectivity.   

Peterson is a Dale Carnegie-trained presenter, who is also well-versed in motivational speaking.  As an author whose early efforts at getting published were repeatedly rejected, his presentations include inspirational messages on topics like  persistence and goal-setting.  He punctuates his talks with examples of his own challenges and failures, including a humorous account of the time he lost a college baseball game 38-0. 


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